gas ducted Heating

Well, we all know how cold the winters are in Melbourne.

But with a gas ducted heating system, you can be warm and comfortable in your own home.

A gas ducted heating system will deliver warm air throughout your home via a series of ducts and outlets.

You can heat your whole home, or if you wish, you can often zone the system and just heat half the house.

Thus saving money on the running costs.

There are many different models available. You can choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 star models.

There is also a large range of thermostats/controllers available.

  • Fast Heating

  • Energy Efficient models

  • Thermostat Controlled

  • No pilot light

  • Zoning option

Add-on Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Some gas ducted heaters can also have a refrigerated air conditioner incorporated into the system.


Thus giving you year round comfort. If adding to an existing system, the duct work will need to be

upgraded to larger duct work.


Talk to us about this option. 

brivis_ducted heater.jpg